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Video Consults

Your Mobile Device Just Got More Powerful. Secure Messaging, Voice and Video Consults… All in the Palm of Your Hand… and it is Secure

HIPAA Compliant Asynchronous Messaging and Synchronous Video Consult All On the Same IM Your Doc Platform

IM Your Doc simplifies HIPAA compliant video consults

Single Platform for Secure Messaging, Voice and Video Communication

Easy Access Through Thumbprint on IM Your Doc App

Use Same Platform for Virtual Visit and Post-Visit Patient Follow Up

Imagine the Opportunities

Generate New Revenue

Reimbursable video consults can provide a new source of ancillary revenue. Don’t miss out on the new codes and a wider availability to bill for virtual visits.

Extend Your Geographic Reach

With IM Your Doc video consults, you can reach patients that you never could before outside of your primary service area.

Simplify Care for Your Patients

Getting to an appointment can be a real challenge for many patients, whether it be transportation or mobility issues. A video consult lets you take care to the patient instead of the patient going to the care.

Attract New Patients

Convenience and access are becoming increasingly important when it comes to selecting a healthcare provider. For patients accustomed to doing business with every imaginable industry through their mobile devices, providing video consults can be a key differentiator for you versus competitive providers.

Monitor Chronically Ill Patients

Many patients with chronic conditions wait hours or days before going to the hospital. Video consults enable earlier interventions by being able to proactively monitor their condition to flag any deterioration.

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