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Security & HIPAA

HIPAA Compliant Mobile-First Messaging and Security

IM Your Doc is a cross platform, HIPAA compliant application and not only meets security standards, but exceeds them. The data sent via IM Your Doc is secure and compliant from the point of image or message creation, during transit and when it reaches its destination.

Secure Data Centers

  • IMYD data centers carry Tier IV data center security and is not only HIPAA compliant but also HITRUST certified.

User Authentication

  • Two factor authentication upon registration.
  • Use of biometric authentication for security mixed with ease and convenience.

Smart Security

  • Use of push notifications for real-time messaging without revealing message content on lock screen.

Secure Image Sharing

  • Image is decrypted locally with no record data from the image available on the mobile device in gallery or camera roll.

Business Associate Agreement

  • IM Your Doc can provide a BAA to our customers if required by your policies for HIPAA compliant vendors.

Message Archiving

  • IM Your Doc provides archives of time-stamped messages, images and documents that you have access to in real-time through your admin portal

Want the details on the security measures we take

Replace Phone Tag, Voicemail and Non-Secure Messages with HIPAA Compliant Texting

Healthcare today continues to be arcane and inefficient when it comes to communication. Missed calls, phone tag, pagers, time-consuming faxes, overlooked emails and non-standardized EMR/EHR all result in lost or delayed documentation that impacts patient care.

To get around this fact of healthcare life, physicians and their staffs have turned to texting. It’s fast, it’s easy and its efficient.
But traditional SMS texting is not HIPAA compliant or secure.

“The IM Your Doc platform allows users to openly and safely send text messages and file attachments that are HIPAA compliant from the point of message or image creation, during data transfer and when it reaches its destination”.

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