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Provider-to-Provider Communication

Healthcare today is more advanced than ever… except when it comes to communication. Faxing? Waiting on Hold? 100s of Emails?

Recurring Communication Gaps

Missing Patient Information

Not having access to the latest PHI can impede informed decision making.

Care Transition Confusion

Poor care transition communication can result in medication discrepancies, unnecessary
tests and potential medical errors.

Delays in Patient Care

Waiting for lab results, diagnostic images or even a return call from a physician colleague can lead to patient care delays.

With IM Your Doc You Can Communicate
with Providers Who Don’t Share Your EHR Platform
in a HIPAA Compliant Way Through the Speed
and Convenience of Text

How Can IM Your Doc Improve Provider-to-Provider Communication?

Send Patient Information to Disparate Care Team

Keep the entire care team in the loop with a Care Team message and save staff me.

Clarify Patient History

Get questions answered ASAP through the speed and convenience of text.

Improve Patient Management

Eliminate unnecessary delays in patient care due to lack of info.

Get a Second Opinion

Send and receive images and documents as attachments on a mobile phone or desktop..

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