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#1 Complaint of Patients About
Medical Practices is Poor Communication

Let’s face it. Patient expectations requires more convenience when it comes to accessing healthcare… and they want it in the palm of their hand. The best part? This is good for practices too!

“Texting is the most prevalent form of communicating for Americans under 50”


80% of Patients Would Prefer to Text with Their Physician’s Office

So why not use a simple tool that everyone wants to use and wrap it in the security required by HIPAA?

How IM Your Doc improves your patient engagement, customer satisfaction and drives revenue to your practice.


Will patients have my cell phone number?

Patients will not have access to any personal phone numbers or email addresses. IM Your Doc is an application and it allows you to use your own mobile devices without going through your phone number.

Will texts come to me directly or can they go to my staff?

Most practice use “gatekeepers” to triage patients communications like front office staff, MAs or any combination that makes sense in your practices. IM Your Doc has a forwarding function in the cases where patient messages need to be seen by clinical staff. Your organization has complete discretion as to who your patients have access to communicate via IM Your Doc.

I’m afraid I’ll be on call 24/7 and need to respond to text after hours.

You can set “Out of Office” auto responses so your patients will have clear expectations of when messages would be responded to.
Your practice can also set a “on-call” user account that the patients use after-hours with non-emergent questions.

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