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High Performance Software that Seamlessly Works with Your EMR/EHR

Using Fast Healthcare Interoperability (FHIR), the New Standard for Healthcare Data Exchange and API Integration

Learn How You Can Integrate and Easily Move Real-Time Conversations from the IM Your Doc Mobile Platform into the Patient Record

EMR Integration via FHIR

  • Next generation of healthcare technology communication
  • Defines the contents and structure for the core information set that is shared by most healthcare systems
  • Broad, industry-wide adoption (including Epic Systems, Cerner and Centricity)
  • Designed specifically for the web with resources and foundations based on XML, JSON, HTTP, Atom and OAuth structures
  • IMYD provides a fully FHIR-compliant EMR integration for our secure messaging application, including authentication, practice and patient lookup, as well as the storage of text, media and attachments

Messaging API Integration

  • Send messages via HTTPS using RESTful API
  • Message individuals or groups and receive “read” confirmation
  • Send and receive images and documents
  • Receive replies securely and instantly using push notification
  • Upload secure text conversations and attachments to a patient record inside the EMR without leaving IM Your Doc
  • Receive confirmation of successful EMR upload

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Seamless Integration.
Better Care.

  • Pushes important clinical information from IM Your Doc’s mobile platform into the patient record for smoother workflows and more consistent document management
  • Provides a true end-to-end mobile communication system for physicians, practices, staff and patients
  • Allows critical information to be communicated in real-time to the mobile device for better coordinated care
  • Offers a HIPAA-compliant and user-friendly framework
  • Streamlines internal and external communication
  • Improves patient response and bill pay

Join the healthcare practices sending their messages
to the patient chart.

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