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Poor Communication = Poor Outcomes

Whether it be the transition from hospital to home, from long term care to the ER or coordination among a group of the patients’ outpatient providers, poor communication can result in delays in patient care, medication errors, missed test results, readmissions and potential harm.

  • 80% of serious medical errors involve miscommunication during the transfer of patients.
  • Medication errors harm an estimated 1.5 million people each year in the United States, costing the nation at least $3.5 billion annually.
  • 25% of nursing home residents are transferred at least once per year to an ER-10% without documentation. 90% missing important care information.
  • 30% of patients discharged from hospital to home have at least one medication discrepancy.
  • 25% of hospital readmissions could be avoided with better communication.

IM Your Doc Group Messaging

Collaboration. In Real-Time.

Think of IM Your Doc Group Messaging like your mobile conference room.

Set Up A Care Team

Set up a patient-specific care team of providers within and outside of your practice in seconds

Share Info Openly

Share PHI, images, documents and lab reports with the team, openly and securely

See Who’s Read Your Message

Get time-stamped and dated “Read” confirmation to see who’s read your message and who hasn’t

Keep Everyone In The Loop During Care Transitions

Share discharge summaries, medications prescribed and tests pending so the team has the latest info and nothing falls through the cracks

IM Your Doc Group Messaging Benefits

IM Your Doc Group Messaging is your continuous communication link to care team members. Now, through the speed and convenience of text, you can use your smart phone, tablet and desktop to have real-time communication with the care team, anytime, anywhere.

  • Simplifies communication with team members, safely and securely
  • Saves time sending and receiving PHI
  • Keeps everyone in the loop with the latest patient info in the palm of your hand
  • Minimizes delays in patient care
  • Allows conversations to be documented and added to the patient’s chart for new care team members to reference
  • Reduces avoidable patient transition errors

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